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Choose the Best “Dispensary Near Me” when Travelling

The biggest issue when travelling can be finding a good dispensary.

When you’re home, you most likely go to the dispensary nearest you because they have the products you want and the service is good.

But what happens when you are in a different country or city and you need to medicate?

Here are some tips to choose the best Cannabis Dispensary in your area.

Most people that are interested in finding a dispensary near them will go to their favourite browser and write different versions of “dispensary near me”, “dispensary near me recreational” or “open dispensary near me” and see what comes up in the Google search.

While this may be the first step in most searches, there’s still a bit more digging to do from here. These couple more steps will ensure you choose the best shop.

Here’s a couple things to watch out for when searching:

1) Make sure the spelling is correct in Google- You would be very surprised to see what a difference typing something like “marijana dispensory” comes up with versus “Marijuana dispensary”.

2) Reviews- Once you do your Google search (hopefully) a bunch of places will pop up. Most business have review sections on their social media like Facebook or Weedmaps, check out the good and bad feedback. These should be good indications on whether the place is a good Dispensary or not.

3) Social Media- Once you skimmed through the review sections, take a look at their social media profiles. Are they updated often? Do they have pictures from the inside of the business? Do they have a website or just Facebook/Instagram? Does it look like a nice and clean place? Does the place look professional?

4) Responsive- If you ask them a question online, are they responsive? If it’s Sunday morning and you ask a question, do they respond on Monday morning, or a few minutes after you sent the message? This is usually a good indication of their level of customer service.

5) Ask Locals- Nobody knows a city better than the locals do. Maybe that place that pops up first when you type “dispensary near me open” looks great online and is currently open, but their products are known for being low quality, or the service is horrible.

Maybe there’s a new place that just opened up last week and you would’ve never found it with just an online search.

Always ask a local!

6) Quality Products- Do they test the quality of their flower/bud and concentrate products? Most do not and rely on the growers to get all steps from processing and curing right. Some of the best dispensaries have in store testing equipment to ensure the products are safe for consumption.

Some not only test for THC/CBD but also pesticides and look at the flower products through a high magnification, seeing what the naked eye can’t pick up. With the increase of foreign additives like Fentanyl and other very dangerous substances, it is very important to choose a Cannabis dispensary that values quality and safety.

Finding the best Cannabis Dispensary can be a bit of trial and error, and sometimes that can be fun and interesting to visit different places until you find your favourite one.

Use these tips to help you find the best Marijuana Dispensary in your area when travelling!

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