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Are you a fan of 100% natural products? Well then, the CBD Balm and Roll-On developed by our friends at Fleurs is the kindness you need to offer your weary mind.


The Balm: Helps sooth dry skin, reduces inflammation and helps treat muscle and joint soreness. Apply on any area in need of loosening.


The Roll-On: Will help drop your level of stress and anxiety; Also great for sleep. Apply on temples, forehead or wrists for effect.

Are you looking for that magic little jar of cream to alleviate the strain and tension in your skin? Formulated to help your muscles let loose after spending too much time working; And they smell darn great too! The formula by our friends at Herb Angels is one of our favorites, we think you’d like it too!


Available in:

  • Support
  • Heal
  • Heat

If you’re looking for a “tiny” something that packs one heck of a punch, this is it. London Donovan Extracts came up with this beautifully designed, discreet and incredibly efficient dropper for both THC and CBD extracts! So whether you’re looking for something to put you up on cloud nine on something to alleviate the aches and pains of your every day, these will do the trick!


Available in THC and in CBD.