CBD Infused Tea

If you’re looking for the perfect tea for any time of day, you’ve found it. Whatever your mood is, whether you’re looking for something uplifting, mellowing, relaxing or something to help you sleep.


Available in:

  • Heal: An immune-boosting tea to help clear phlegm and open the lungs. Perfect to fight and recover from a cold, relieve pain and aches as well as ease anxiety
  • Clean: A detoxifying herbal blend to help relieve the aches of a poor diet and the exposure to daily pollution. Terrific if you like to work hard and party harder!
  • Woke: An energizing blend designed to help you stay focused, enhance your memory and combat the dreaded brain fog. A great boost of energy, without the crash
  • Doze: A relaxing herbal tea that is made to help you relax. Settles nerves, anxiety and restlessness to encourage a rejuvenating deep sleep free of aches and pains
  • Chill: A soothing blend that was made to help you do just that: Chill. Helps calm stress and anxiety as well as relieve tension. A great blend to help lift depression

Bags contain 10 doses infused with 7mg Hemp-CBD

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