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Looking for a simple, straightforward and calculated way to consume? Our friends at Array are here to save the day. Their capsules offer only premium grade, medicinally calibrated THC and CBD capsules. Whether you’re looking for a soft, gentle feel; or a flat-out relief buzz, Array have you covered.


Available in:

  • 1:1 THC/CBD Low (5mg) Strength Capsule
  • 1:1 THC/CBD Medium (10mg) Strength Capsule
  • CBD Medium (10mg) Strength Capsule
  • CBD High (25mg) Strength Capsule
  • THC Low (2.5mg) Strength Capsule
  • THC Low (5mg) Strength Capsule
  • THC Medium (10mg) Strength Capsule
  • THC High (25mg) Strength Capsule
  • THC Super (100mg) Strength Capsule


Concentration on demand

In need of some serious unwinding after a hard day? Maybe the weather outside is just so darn cold, you wanna take a hot bath. Experience relaxation like never before; Our selection of bath bombs is sure to tingle your senses and leave your mind adrift.


Available in:

  • Honeydew Melon
  • Sweet Orange
  • Lemongrass
  • Nag Champa
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Acai Berry


Size on demand

Is your glass gear looking worse for the wear? As much as we love our sticky, we can all agree we don’t like the sticky it leaves behind. If you want your pipe or bong looking brand-spankin’ new again, BongBae have you covered with this cleaning solution.


Suitable for:

  • Glass
  • Pyrex
  • Metal
  • Brass
  • Quartz
  • Silicone

The finest possible collection of products for the ultimate cleanup. BonBae‘s cleaning kit comes with the effective cleaning solution, a quality silicone brush to reach every nook and cranny and two tubes of Himalayan Cleaning Salts; The perfect combo to get a good scrub on!


Suitable for:

  • Glass
  • Pyrex
  • Metal
  • Brass
  • Quartz
  • Silicone

Looking for some CBD capsules? The product developped by Cannanda was tailored to activate the CB2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System; which have shown to help alleviate a multitude of conditions.


Can help with:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Digestion
  • Neurological conditions
  • Cardiovascular

And possibly many more benefits yet to be illustrated in scientific practice like the ones above.


Available in:

  • 10 pack of 10mg CBD Capsules
  • 4 pack of 25mg CBD Capsules

If you’re looking for the perfect tea for any time of day, you’ve found it. Whatever your mood is, whether you’re looking for something uplifting, mellowing, relaxing or something to help you sleep.


Available in:

  • Heal: An immune-boosting tea to help clear phlegm and open the lungs. Perfect to fight and recover from a cold, relieve pain and aches as well as ease anxiety
  • Clean: A detoxifying herbal blend to help relieve the aches of a poor diet and the exposure to daily pollution. Terrific if you like to work hard and party harder!
  • Woke: An energizing blend designed to help you stay focused, enhance your memory and combat the dreaded brain fog. A great boost of energy, without the crash
  • Doze: A relaxing herbal tea that is made to help you relax. Settles nerves, anxiety and restlessness to encourage a rejuvenating deep sleep free of aches and pains
  • Chill: A soothing blend that was made to help you do just that: Chill. Helps calm stress and anxiety as well as relieve tension. A great blend to help lift depression

Bags contain 10 doses infused with 7mg Hemp-CBD

Hey sweet tooth, how’s it hanging? Got a few friends over and you’d like to glide right into a groovy evening? Euphoria Extractions’ Chocolate Shatter bars are the weed edibles to end all other! Ok not really, the more the merrier in our opinion; BUT these are sure so satisfy you and anyone wanting to partake.


Comes in 24pc bars for your convenience and in either 250mg or 500mg concentrations


Vegan Flavors:

  • Indica: Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate
  • Sativa: Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate


Available in:

  • Sativa – Milk Chocolate
  • Sativa – Cookies & Green
  • Sativa – Toffee Crunch
  • Indica – Milk Chocolate
  • Indica – Cookies & Green
  • Indica – Toffee Crunch


Flavour availability on demand

Are you a fan of 100% natural products? Well then, the CBD Balm and Roll-On developed by our friends at Fleurs is the kindness you need to offer your weary mind.


The Balm: Helps sooth dry skin, reduces inflammation and helps treat muscle and joint soreness. Apply on any area in need of loosening.


The Roll-On: Will help drop your level of stress and anxiety; Also great for sleep. Apply on temples, forehead or wrists for effect.

If you’re looking for something inconspicuous and smell-proof to put your green in, this beautiful hand-crafted container from Fumée Galante is the one for you. Available in different colors.

Fumée Galante is a woman-led weed accessory company that specializes in providing one simple thing: The best minimal yet luxurious smoking accessories. This stunning porcelain piece, dubbed the Femme Fatale by the company founder, is a reflection that cannabis is a product that transcends the plateaus of society.


Ashtray sold separately

The products we get from our friends at Fumée Galante are always crowd-favorites. Seriously, how good does their stuff look! And this beautiful simplistic pipe is none the lesser. Made of fine ceramic, it’s made to be as durable as it is beautiful, so you know it’ll just be the perfect piece for your arsenal.


Ashtray sold separately

Our friends at Giid know what relaxation is all about; And they know that it’s not always about the high. If you’re looking for something to enhance your bath time relaxation, they have you covered. Let your skin absorb the gentle dose of the THC-CBD mix it needs to help your muscles release their tension.

Are you looking for the ultimate CBD relaxation? The tincture mixed by our friends at Giid is sure to make your evening a much more pleasurable one. Helps relax your sore muscles and achy bones and joints and leaves you feeling renewed.


600mg CBD isolate – 30ml format

Feel like you’re bearing tension in your face? Well our friends at Giid have something to turn that frown upside down! Their specially formulated CBD-infused Face Serum is made to relieve that feeling of pressure in your face at the end of a hard day.

One salve to rule them all! Whatever ails you, this is the salve you need. Apply to any area in need of some relief, and let it’s medicinal effects take over. Terrific for joint pain, migraines and most importantly, those sore muscles in dire need of relief.

These CBD tablets conceived by our friends at Herb Angels were made with one simple thing in mind: High-free relief. If you’re not into smoking and getting high, but you still want to benefit from the great effects of CBD, these tablets are the right ones for you.

Are you looking for that magic little jar of cream to alleviate the strain and tension in your skin? Formulated to help your muscles let loose after spending too much time working; And they smell darn great too! The formula by our friends at Herb Angels is one of our favorites, we think you’d like it too!


Available in:

  • Support
  • Heal
  • Heat

Sleek, durable and simple. This 2-piece grinder by Infyniti Scales is just the perfect design to please everyone. Not too bulky; yet comfortable enough to hold and use.


Available in various colors

Perfect to match with any London Donovan disposable vape pens! According to the folks at LD Extracts, these cartridges are “Filled with .5g of high potency (90%+ Δ9 THC) THC distillate. Flavoured with ‘designer’ strain specific terpenes. Cartridges are Standard 510 thread compatible with most batteries.” So not only are these great for using with the LD disposable pens, you can probably use it with any disposable pen!


Flavours include:

  • Sour Tangie
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • Pink Kush
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Jack Herer
  • Northern Lights
  • 1:1 THC:CBD
  • Cherry Pie
  • Pineapple Express
  • Zkittlez
  • Sunset Sherbet


Flavours available on demand

From the creative minds over at London Donovan Extracts comes the disposable vape pen. That’s right, disposable. Finished are the days of high-priced electronic vaporizers, the folks at LD Extracts conceived this easy to carry, highly-efficient pencil-like vape-pen. According to the lab results from their analysis, all their products are “Filled with high potency (90%+ Δ9 THC) THC distillate. Flavoured with ‘designer’ strain specific terpenes.” Which in layman’s terms means “Super clean tasting and Potent”.


Flavours include:

  • Sour Tangie
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • Pink Kush
  • Girl Scout Cookie
  • Jack Herer
  • Northern Lights
  • Sunset Sherbet
  • White Widow
  • Cherry Pie


Flavours are available on demand

If you’re looking for a “tiny” something that packs one heck of a punch, this is it. London Donovan Extracts came up with this beautifully designed, discreet and incredibly efficient dropper for both THC and CBD extracts! So whether you’re looking for something to put you up on cloud nine on something to alleviate the aches and pains of your every day, these will do the trick!


Available in THC and in CBD.

A line for the weed connoisseur. Our Private Reserve packs are only closely rivaled by the Rare Breed ones, where in either cases, ultimate care goes into their production. These sumptuously rich buds are coursing with the purest content that can be grown.

Have a fine palate when it comes to your smoking habits? Only the most carefully curated buds can scratch the itch you have for some Really good weed? Yeah we know the feel; Our Rare Breed line is specially crafted with you in mind; Mr. or Mrs. Connoisseur.


We rotate our selection depending on what’s available; some of the favorites were:

  • Obama Kush
  • Mitten Cake Batter
  • Mother’s Milk

Winter leaving your lips cracked and on fire? How about we alleviate that with some CBD infused lip-balm? Perfect for every occasion!


Available in:

  • Strawberry


Flavours on demand

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