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The Best Cannabis Strains For Pain Management

Pain comes in a myriad of forms. Joints, muscles, bones, and tendons are familiar sources of pain that millions of individuals across the globe deal with daily. External pains come in the form of cuts, scrapes, and burns. Luckily, cannabis is well known for its pain reducing properties through both THC and CBD.

The following list contains some of the very best cannabis strains that are perfect for reducing aches and pains. These life-saving strains can be found at a local cannabis dispensary near you.


It only makes sense that this CBD abundant cannabis strain is first on the list. ACDC is known for targeting aches and pains throughout the body. Since ACDC isn’t psychoactive, you’ll benefit from its therapeutic properties without having to worry about an altered perspective.

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is genuinely a knockout strain. Its hard-hitting THC content is known to floor veterans and beginners alike, making it the preferred choice for those that need something with lasting power. Its indica-based lineage stems from Afghani and Blackberry and is sure to stop any pain in their tracks.

(Available at times at The Medicine Box as a mixed strain)

Blue Widow

Blue Widow is a recently created strain that was bred by combining Blueberry and White Widow. Both of these world-renowned strains lend their devastating effects to Blue Widow, making it the ideal strain for reducing inflammation; which is the common cause of most internal pain. Blue Widow is mainly a hybrid, so you can expect to feel euphoric at first, but sedated towards the end of the experience.

(Available at times at The Medicine Box as a mixed strain)

Purple Arrow

Although this strain may not be well known in many legal dispensaries, it’s a perfect example of a strain that’s bred specifically to reduce pain. With a parental lineage consisting of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, it’s sure to hit the mark in reducing acute pains that you may be experiencing.

(Available at times at The Medicine Box as a mixed strain)


Considering Blueberry is a cornerstone strain that’s used to create the majority of pain-reducing genetics, it only makes sense that Blueberry on its own is a tour-de-force when it comes to knocking out pain symptoms. Blueberry has a long history in the cannabis community, dating back to the 1970s when it was originally introduced.

(Available at times at The Medicine Box as a mixed strain)

Cataract Kush 

Although this name sounds like it’s likely to give you another ailment, it’s actually incredibly efficient in reducing inflammation and the aches and pains it causes. This is a well-known strain that your local dispensary near you should carry.

Cataract Kush was made by combining LA Confidential and OG Kush, both of which are medicinal in their own right. It’s also a hybrid which is beneficial for those seeking pain relief without the couchlock effect up front.

(Available at The Medicine Box as a concentrate by London Donovan)


This landrace strain from Afghanistan is known as an ultimate pain reliever. Although it’s rare, you should consider yourself lucky if a local dispensary carries this wonder-strain. It’s a pure indica strain so you can expect that you’ll immediately need to lie down after taking a lungful of Mazar-I-Sharif. This strain commonly numbs the entire body, making it ideal for those that require both a narcotic and sedative effect.

(Available at The Medicine Box in Hash form) Best Cannabis Strains For Pain Management

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