We know that understanding the Cannabis industry can be challenging. With the broad variety of uses, both medicinal and recreational, we elected to provide our clients (and everyone) with this informative Blog. So you can make informed decisions when it comes to your responsible consumption.


The Medicine Lab: Cannabis Testing

The Medicine Box’s 3 Phase MDBX Cannabis Testing Certification Process.

Here at The Medicine Box Cannabis Dispensary in Kanesatake (Oka), we take quality and Cannabis use and safety very seriously. That is why we will be one of the very few dispensaries in Canada to test our flower and concentrate products on-site and in our own lab.

We decided the only way to ensure the highest quality and transparency was to test everything in-house.

That’s why we invested in The Medicine Lab and created our very own 3 Phase MDBX Testing Certification Process- a process that looks at a cannabis product from three distinctive perspectives- Microscopically, Toxins and Potency. 

We believe in using Cannabis as a medicine, so it should be clean and safe.

You should know what you are consuming.

The Medicine Box’s 3 Phase MDBX Cannabis Testing Process makes it easier for you to do that.

1st Phase – Microscopic inspection: Our Lab Technician will check for foreign unwanted additives and bud quality with a our 90x zoom stereo magnification microscope. The microscope offers high resolution, 2-1/2″ (65mm) super widefield of view, 26:1 large magnification zoom range and 8″ (200mm) long working distance, as well as provides crystal clear sharp images. The 80-LED ring light offers bright, cool and even illumination for optimal viewing. The protocol checks for bud rot, mold patches and unwanted additives such as Fentanyl, cocaine, bigger parasites and their residues. The process will also give us a general view of the colour, transparency and ultimate quality of the trichomes.

Only if the sample receives a passing grade from phase 1 will it be eligible to continue to the next phase. 

2nd Phase- Toxins Test: This test utilizes lateral flow assay technology that detects the most common hazardous pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. The equipment has been calibrated to include a total of 66 toxins. This phase will test a broad spectrum pesticide screening for total toxicity of the product. The equipment is designed to give either a pass or fail grade.

Only if the sample passes the first 2 phases will it be eligible for the 3rd and final phase.

3rd Phase – THC/CBD testing: If the sample gets a passing grade on the first two phase will it be approved for the 3rd and final phase. Our Lab technician will use our spectroscopy-based potency analyzers to check for THC-A, Delta-9 THC, Total THC, Total Potential THC, CBD-A, CBD, Total CBD and Total Potential CBD. This will give an indication of the potency of the product.

Only if a sample gets a passing grade in all 3 phases, will be  considered MDBX Certified. All products that are MDBX certified will be clearly marked.

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